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Cold Coffee Cocktail 🥃☕

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

This Iced Coffee Cocktail is the perfect easy holiday treat! Made with just a few ingredients, you will want to sip on it always.

This is a cold preparation of coffee with chocolate syrup, cream and whiskey and decorated with toffee and chocolate shavings.

Ingredients you'll need:

  • 3/10 of whisky

  • 3/10 of Roots of Colombia Coffee

  • 2/10 of chocolate syrup

  • 2/10 of cream in thread

  • Toffee and chocolate shavings for decoration


  1. With the help of a "bottle" and some toffee we will decorate the glass we are going to use. We will create the effect that the glass is painted.

  2. Add to the shaker the measure of whiskey, chocolate syrup to taste, coffee and shake. We pour it into the glass and add the cream to create the contrast of colors.

  3. To decorate we will put a straw and some chocolate shavings.

If your try this drink take a picture and share it on your social media tagging Roots Of Colombia Coffee and use our hashtag #IdrinkROCC.

We are looking forward to your exquisite coffee drinks pics during this holiday season !

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